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Hotel Sunroute “stellar”Ueno

Hotel Information 

Thank you for staying at Hotel Sunroute Stella Ueno.


The Wi-Fi password is on the table in your room.


All rooms are non-smoking. A smoking area is available on the 1st floor.


Coin laundry are available on the 5th floor. Laundry machine fee is: 200 yen, and drying machine fee is: 100 yen per 30 minutes. Detergents (laundry powder set) are sold at the front desk. A plastic cup is available next to the ice machine.


Luggage will be kept free of charge if you pick up your luggage on the same day. If you wish to keep your luggage until your next stay, we will charge 500 yen per piece per day. Please note that we will not be able to keep your luggage if we cannot confirm your next reservation.


About our luggage disposal policy. If you wish to dispose of your luggage, please bring it to the reception. The cost for luggage recycling is 2000 yen. Failure to notify the reception and leaving your luggage abandoned in the room will result in a penalty of 4000 yen. Thank you very much for your cooperation in helping us maintain a clean ecosystem.


The tap water in the Hotel is drinkable,however if you need a hot water, please use the electric kettle available in your room.


Beverage vending machines are located on the 5th floor.


The cleaning service is carried out from 10:00am to 2:00pm. If you hang a “Green Cleaning” label outside the door, Housekeeping Staff will only collect trash from your room. If you hang a “Do Not Disturb” label outside the door, the housekeeping staff will not will enter in your room.


We accept parcel shipments at the front desk. We have shipping boxes available (for a fee) as well as shipping labels, so please feel free to inquire.


Microwave oven is available in front of the elevator on the 1st floor.

VOD(Video On Demand)の視聴は券売機でチケットの購入が必要です。

tickets are sold in front of the elevator on each floor.

As of February 2024